Rescued/archived copy of an interview from October 2010. I had left this comment there:
mispronounced “Bharadwaj,” from a fumble. I really can say it fairly well when I know I’m about to need to. (Sorry, Hema.)

Once I said “unschooling” when I meant “homeschooling.”

I feel better now.

That's not an easy name for some people to say. :-)
I have updated some links to what works in 2019.

Parenting26: Interview with Sandra Dodd

Unschooling advocate Sandra Dodd shares stories of her own journey involving traditional and alternative education, and good ol' unschooling.

I'm not travelling anymore, as of 2017, but I used to!

When I said "until they get over the idea that..." I meant to say something different. You'll see. ;-) I jumped to the things that the parents will get, too. They need to get to those ideas, not over them. Oops. Sorry.

The longer recording has been misplaced for a while.

We mentioned 800 URLs. There are a few thousand now—it keeps growing, still, in 2019

Unschooling is creating an environment in which children can learn easily and naturally all the time.” – Sandra Dodd

I’ve relied on Sandra Dodd‘s enormous “prairie dog village” of a website in my own unschooling journey, and have referred dozens if not hundreds of people to check it out as well. Since it (both unschooling, and the website!) can be overwhelming at first, new unschoolers are recommended to start here or here. If you want to talk live with other unschoolers you can join Sandra’s online chats [2019 note: You can read transcipts, still!]; if you want a regular hello from Sandra you can subscribe to her daily message at Just Add Light and Stir; and if you want something made of paper that you can carry in your purse with you at all times, you could buy one of her books: Moving a Puddle or The Big Book of Unschooling.

And as Sandra mentioned in her interview, Joyce Fetteroll’s website Joyfully Rejoycing is another must-read for every new (or old! or wannabe!) unschooler.

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