The Natural Child Project Parenting Site of the Month
February 2007
Comments on being named "Parenting Resource of the Month" by The Natural Child Project:

DATE: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 18:34:49 EST
SUBJECT: Re: [SandraDodd] "Parenting Resource of the Month"

This is great news! Long overdue for you Sandra. Thank you for all the time you have put into unschooling and gentler parenting practices. Congratulations!

Laura Maine

That is GREAT news! Congratulations Sandra. Our journey has been enriched and made much easier by all the hard work you put into your site and it's wonderful that now even more people will know about it. I am looking forward to sending the link on to our local unschooling group.


Sorry to brag a bit, but it seems cool.

I think what you said is darn cute!!! Here you are this international RUing star and you're still excited when you're 'featured'. So cool! Congrats!