Strewing Our Children's Paths

"I just strew their paths with interesting things."

Sandra Dodd
long ago, AOL Homeschooling Board

Strewing Defined
with some what, why and how, where, and you're the who

New Strewing Stories
Robbie, bells, magnets

How? How Much?
and can there be too little?

Mom's Interests Enriching Kids' Lives
(Ren Allen)

One thing leads to another,
and some things are Shakespeare

How a wild gaming spree and Ender's Game led to
The Civil War and ancient China

well how could it NOT?

Word Histories (Etymology)

Dazzling Projects for Kids
sort of chemistry, sort of art, sort of hard to categorize

The Simpsons

Calvin and Hobbes

ideas for all kinds of games

"Strewing has no strings attached."
Deb Rossing

Links to games, resources and toys involving sound and art.

Deb Lewis's List of
Things to Do in the Winter

I love the term "strewing"
(and other feedback)

Games that lead to other games and game art

Strewing for Teens

Disposable Checklists for Unschoolers
(and other feedback)

Your House as a Museum
Things in your closet...

Whatcha Strewin'?
Holly Simpson's blogpost on strewing

The more you strew, the more you do!
—Cinnamon [C.K.]

Strewing seeds the environment with things to explore, furthering current interests and introducing new ones.

—Katherine Anderson, 2013

"The thing that works with unschooling is to follow delight - and scatter it like a flower girl in front of the bride - not every petal will be crushed to release fragrance - but enough will. ...of course to follow delight, you have to admit to yourself that you feel delight."

—Nora Cannon

More parenting ideas and resources for unschoolers