Failure, in unschooling

Failure to get it? Failure to thrive? Failure to maintain?

Jenny Cyphers wrote:
There are three big parental triggers that come along with unschooling, food, tv/video games, and sleep.

Examining WHY we feel triggered by those things, gets us to better unschooling, truly! It can be frustrating to see parentally imposed restrictions accepted on unschooling forums. Many of us have been reading and writing about this stuff long enough to have seen first hand, unschooling fail to thrive in families that refused to dig deeper into their understanding of why they are triggered. The trigger alone seems to be the compass that they make their restrictions based on.

Many times over, those very same people have come to "aha" moments and have come understand why so many radical unschoolers talk about these things all the time. Sandra has some documented on her site.

Jenny's original, and the documentation she refers to: "Getting it"

Amy Childs did an episode on what can cause unschooling to fail. Amy wrote:

Sometimes people say “Unschooling isn’t working for my child” or they say, “We tried unschooling but it didn’t work.”

I asked Sandra Dodd, Nina Haley and Sue Patterson: When, why and how does unschooling fail?

Amy's fifteen-minute podcast on Failure from December 2014.

How to Screw Up Unschooling
A list of dozens of things that will mess unschooling up, created on the AlwaysLearning discussion, with contributions by over twenty unschoolers (moms, kids).

Joy helps learning.
Negativity poisons joy.
Pessimism and cynicism can prevent unschooling.

For more of the Unschooling Life podcasts Amy Childs created in 2014 and 2015, I have some links!

Several are embedded on my site, and are listed with links here at (the link should go right to them).

Positivity Leveling Up