Crazy Anti-Halloween Propaganda

I wish I had saved all the anti-Halloween warnings I'd ever read, especially the one in the good-old AOL-homeschooling-forum days about trick or treaters worshipping "Satin." That was the best!! (Much speculation about whether acetate qualified )

There are some newer thing at the bottom. Enjoy!

Christian Conditioning and Candy

Fall's Fright or Heaven's Light—Jack-o-Lanterns as a symbol of salvation (nasty insides as sin)

"The observance of Halloween is a practice of darkness and is therefore unacceptable to God"

What Does the Bible Say About Halloween?

"Do some major Deliverance on yourself for ever celebrating halloween. Burn any left over halloween stuff in your home. Don't even open your doors to pass out "tracts". If you do, then you are celebrating this unholy day.

"No matter what you think of halloween, know that it is the very highest satanic holy day. As a Christian, you should not be observing it in any way, especially IN your church. The catholic church is responsible for this day to be placed in the church." Much more!

That site has a disclaimer:
I guess blaming Catholics for Halloween isn't malice. And interesting for me, with my own childhood religious rules and prejudices, there's a link at the bottom to another page of the author's about "MAKEUP, COSMETICS, AND SKIN CARE PRODUCTS." Halloween's a great time to buy makeup! It's not just a random ad, it's coded into the page.
Exposing Satanism is a well-organized site with information on the evils of books, TV and RPGs and other games. They have expose articles on Easter and Christmas, too, on other religions, the KKK, Pokemon, Animorphs, and that University of Texas at Austin "hook'em horns" thing is the Satanic Salute, they say.

My favorite bit: "The makers of D&D were trained in euro magic." Geez, it reminds me of Mickey Mouse and France. What are they on about!?

An unsigned e-mail on an apparently temporary account:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Wrong!
Date: December 2, 2007 7:06:16 PM MST
To: [email protected]

I'm sorry that the info. you have on Halloween is all wrong. You interpreted everything in a negative way! Halloween is not what "you think". I read all of what you had to say and I have done tons of research on this topic. In the future don't go preaching things that you know not much about. I'll pray for your soul because it's sad that your missing out! It you need any help just look truly in God!
From one of God's children
2013 addition:

It seemed quiet, because unschoolers have their own places to hang out and discuss life without interface with fundamentalist Christians, and have for years. But this year it was stirred a bit and someone e-mailed this to me. (If it's identifiable, don't name any names. It's a representative sample.)

The "Slippery Slop"
Hello, Sandra! A friend posted your Halloween page, so I wanted to share some of the dire warnings I've received so far this year.
"My 3 year old didn't know what "Spooky" or "Scary" was until her babysitter started going on and on about the Halloween party they are having. She said she has dressed up like a witch for 20 years and isn't going to change. So what should we do?... keep her home that day and not be exposed (this year) to a witch, probably, but we thought that if she has to see a witch eventually she might as well see her babysitter is a costume. People around us everyday instill fear in there own children and others. We unfortunately are finding that out first hand. All that and Halloween makes our job as parents that much harder. I guess my parents must have done something right, because like I said,I used to trick or treat and dress up too. I wish we could have a dress up day not associated with All Hollows Eve and Spirits and future telling, but society norms dictate what the masses do. You will probably call me a hypocrite for letting my daughter go to the sitter that day but we are going to try our hardest to teach her what it is and teach her to follow Jesus not the world."
I explained that celebrating my son's birthday on June 21st (the summer solstice) does not make us summer solstice pagans just as going trick or treating does not make us devil worshipers:
"If you celebrate [Halloween], you are acknowledging that Oct 31st is a satanic holiday. Just like you celebrating your child's birthday on June 21st acknowledges that it is his birthday, why else would you have cake and ice cream and a party on that particular day. It is a very slippery slop [sic] with children. I too grew up trick or treating and dressing up and didn't turn out to be a satin worshiper. If you give children a good Godly foundation it will help in the future. But after all that you are still celebrating a satanic holiday, no matter what you call it. Just like people saying Happy Holiday's instead of Merry Christmas, it is still Christmas that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ , just like June 21st is for your son."
Sandra note: The frightened respondent seemed to have missed the whole summer solstice angle. The parallel would have been whether if a Christian family has a child born on October 31, whether having a birthday party would be celebrating " a satanic holiday."

AND she used "satin worshiper" in addition to "slippery slop." This is fun, and funny. Eternal hellfire of brimstone must be more frightening to any child than seeing a familiar babysitter in a witch costume. It is not "seeing a witch." [" if she has to see a witch eventually she might as well see her babysitter is a costume."]

The Telgraph, UK, October 2013:
"Inadvertent agent of Satan!
Meanwhile, is so alarmed by Halloween that it tells readers to "Do some major Deliverance on yourself" if you ever celebrated the holiday. That means self-exorcism. Says demonbuster:
Burn any left over halloween stuff in your home. Don't even open your doors to pass out "tracts". If you do, then you are celebrating this unholy day.
Really? In which case, those of us who are irritated by anti-Halloween campaigners have a ready-made response. If they try to press a fundamentalist tract into your hand today, just yell: "Keep away from me, inadvertent agent of Satan!"

Happier (but not funnier) Halloween stuff:

(not crazy anti-stuff):

Halloween Candy issues and other food topics

Beginning of a collection of photos of costumes my kids have worn
(more coming soon and then forever, I guess)
["Forever" was pretty optimistic of me, when this page was new.😊]