Halloween Costumes of Record, Dodd Kids

Kirby was too little to say "Trick or Treat," so he passed out little business cards I had printed on construction paper. The hat was a green baby bonnet with cheerleader pompom parts sewn on.

Orginal front door at the old house, before the porch was enclosed as an entryway. I especially like the Ninja Turtle boots on the cowboy.

New front door at the old house; same home-made door decoration with a hole for the peekhole in its nose.

Front door at the new house; Minnie Mouse with a formal matching candy-bag.

Caiti, Marty, Holly, 1999, [Winrock (?), same year Kirby was JigglyPuff]

Jeremy Oat (dark, to the left), Marty (mummy), Kirby (with big hands), Brett Henry (white hood), and the baby, Holly

click to see a Very Scary Thing, but it's R rated (or at least PG-13), so don't look if you are easily offended. (Marty in 2003)

Other costume opportunities, other parties:

September 2010, Holly and Marty:

Holly remembers what she was over the years, and I've made this list in hope of finding photos:
2, a witch, with Kellee, her dad pulled them in a wagon 1994
3, a princess
4, a witch, Jasmine was a cat, Helena dyed Holly's hair black.
5, a gypsy (birthday costume party) 1997
6, Minnie Mouse
7, halloween 8th birthday party, and was a Gypsy (during the Pokemon days)
8, a baby
9, a witch (sexy witch—up above, with the boa and gloves) 2001
10, Peacock
11, cave woman (looked like a nasty hippie)
12, fairy
13, Strawberry Shortcake
14, chicken with its head cut off
15, Julie, from Zombies Ate my Neighbors 2007

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