The Full Plate Club

"The empty plate club," referring to kids who successfully clean their plates, sounds so sad.
"Full plate" sounds much more nurturing.

Not forcing food, not limiting quantities, not eating by the clock

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Complaint and Response
Defense of unschoolers' knowledge of the value of choices

Karen James to her son Ethan: I'm going to the store. Do you want anything special?
Ethan, after a pause: Yeah. Lettuce.
Karen: Lettuce?
Ethan: Yeah, lettuce...and other good snack food like that.
Karen: Okay.

It was the issue of food that provided the epiphany for me to "get" what unschooling is about. When I realized that there are foods out there that make me gag, and I wouldn't want to have to finish them (or even put a bite in my mouth) the light dawned. Why do it to kids, if there's something that I refuse to eat?  —Heidi C.

The image above is "The Virgin of the Grapes," by Pierre Mignard, 1640s.
It's in the Louvre in Paris if you want to see it in person.
The other grapes (if you're seeing the background) were lifted from
SoHo/Bistro, from long-gone-now geocities

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