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Gold Coast sessions of Australia ALLive (Always Learning Live) March 28-29, 2014

Some links that were mentioned or that might be good follow-up: Economics of Restricting TV Watching of Children, Pam Sorooshian, January 2005

And that great Pam Sorooshian quote:

"As we get older and our kids grow up, we eventually come to realize that all the big things in our lives are really the direct result of how we've handled all the little things." —Pam Sorooshian, June 4, 2007
from here,with more


People asked how to make a partnership stronger when unschoolers are expected to do so many other things. She says it's largely in your head. When you think about your partner, build him up (or her). Think of the things he does for you, and do it with appreciation and gratitude so that the next time you talk to them you don't start in a negative place. [This is paraphrase of a long, beautiful explanation by Schuyler.] Think well of them, all the time. Be grateful.

A collection of accounts of surprising behavior of teenaged unschoolers: Parents of Unschoolers "That's not a good title for this page, but these are stories of parents being surprised at the way their children interact with them." (with links to similar other pages)

Math Article for the German magazine

Schuyler and Simon thought of lots of other things he does besides video games:

Swing dance
Shakespeare—live and video-live (stage performances)
card games
hiking, some
stories/language gastronomy (restaurant exploration)
and he already named paddleboarding
mythology, Japanese mythology, Norse, classical…
biology—finding bugs, identifying, photographing

"If Mama Ain't Happy…."
Someone asked yesterday about "me" time.

Australian unschooling discussion on facebook:
Unschooling Info Australia

Deb Lewis's articles and lists

Connections (lots of stories from various people)

Schuyler mentioned watching Gilligan's Island. One of the first things of mine that was ever published wasn't written for publication, but someone else sent it in to Home Education Magazine.🙂 I put it there, and added other things later. It's a good page. (Another good page, with similar trails:

Book, and audiobook, Smarter Than you Think (mostly, but not all, about how information is collected and exchanged and shared on the internet, and how easily available it is)

Wheelbarrows: the blog: Wheelbarrow Things

There are several Australian examples, and I have others I haven't yet pulled in and described—one of two burly workers with a wheelbarrow containing the pinkest shovel EVER. (Maybe so it wouldn't be stolen.)

The Chinese wheelbarrow, which I meant to say, that day, was used for long-distance hauling, and for moving people: Chinese Wheelbarrows

Three-wheeled, French

the wheelbarrow at my house in Albuquerque (with snow, and one with rain: Fourth day of rain… (rain four days in a row is very unusual there)

Someone asked about "the David Bowie letter" and I didn't get back to that topic. I was David Bowie's first American fan (or at least sent him the first fan letter he got from the U.S.): Bowie Letter

Link to video with my comments (from "Mornings" Monday March 24): Brief interview, "Mornings" show

Holly Clark's photos (click to enlarge):

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Q&A from the gathering in Cairns

Adelaide notes

Melbourne notes

Beginning things


some other aspects of unschooling life