"Water my Yard with Swords"
A&AE Night, March 27, 2008

Most photos and all the videos are by Quinn Trainor, Holly's friend who's visiting from Rhode Island. Feel free to link or lift any of these. You can use my direct links if you want to. The home of these is: /albums/c111/SandraDodd/Yard/swords/ and it might be easier to see the photos there, too. You can tell it to make you a slide show when you get there, I think.

Who ARE those people!?

When they're dressed up for SCA purposes sometimes they are

Duke Artan MacAilin

Jarl Gunwaldt Gulbjorn

Count Mordygan MacGregor

Master Balthazar Tegero

Lord Dermod of Killarney

Lord Bardolf Gunwaldtsson (a.k.a. Marty Dodd)

Lord Kendrick MacPherson (but I don't have a Kendrick page yet, so this is my Brett Henry collection)

Holly Dodd who is sometimes Asta in the SCA, but not lately. The photographer is Quinn (I/Sandra had the camera a few times for still shots), and also-there but not whacking cartons: Annaliese/AnneAliz (soon to be Cecelia, maybe) and Sandra/AElflaed