Lord Dermod of Killarney
Duke Artan's squire, captain of the Queen's Guard
an Ælflæd-student

With Artan, his knight (who was King then) at al-Barran Midwinter (2006)
photo by AElflaed

With Anne Bigod at the Crown Tournament Mordygan won, March 2007
photo by Karl of Gulbjorn

Captain of the Baronial Guard, with Sir Gregor, the Baron of al-Barran, at March Crown.
Photo by Sir Zachariah de Kane

At Guest Fest when Stefan spoke, March 2007
photo by Bardolf Gunwaldtsson

Crown Tournament, September 2007
Photo by Baron Charles Blackstone/Charlie Winckless

Crown Tournament, September 2007
Photo by someone, on Charles' camera

Scorpion Scroll
Links to other Dermod photos: at Crown, 3/10/07, with Gwydion and Bardolf (photo by Kata Hrafnsdottir of the Darksun or Kateryna Fury)

Maria Elena and Ben at their wedding reception, with Holly and Sandra Dodd (2006)

Duke Artan macAilin      Countess Ælflæd of Duckford