Notes on ancestors of Sandra and Irene Adams

The family tree I made up for Kirby's birth announcement is here. I knew another layer on my side, but evened it out for that use.

Notes from Sherry Hicks Ferguson, related to me on the Adams side, who wrote "I ran across your site yesterday and was so excited.  I am your cousin.  My grandmother, Mary Jane Adams Hicks was sister to your grandfather, Lynn Adams.  My father was Charles Durward Hicks." ..." I have the Adams family going back to 1750 and the Little line (Lynn's mother was a Little) going back to 1766."

Some of the notes below were from correspondence with Sherry (THANKS, Sherry!). I hope I noted them all.

Of Papaw's family (he's the Lynn Adams in the middle) Sherry wrote:

Yes, Earl was a brother.  He had a twin sister named Pearl who died as a very young child (I think about age 18 months).  The children were Essie Mae (died at age 1); John Quincy (died age 27); Robert Lacy; Lena Rivers; Lynn; Lillie Vallie; Annie Pearl; Archie Earl; Charm Dora; Ernest Deward; Mary Jane; Buster Brown (still born); Leila Vera; infant (still born).

The first 10 children were born in Houston County, Texas; Mary Jane was born in Itasca County, Texas;  Buster Brown was born in Johnson County, Texas and the last child, who died as an infant, was born in Houston County.

  James Fields Adams (father to Lynn) was born in Macon, Mitchell county, Georgia.  Archie Lafayette Adams (father to James Fields Adams) was born in Newberry County, South Carolina as was his father, grandfather and great grandfather.

"Texanna was actually born in Butler County Alabama. Her next sibling, brother Edward Walter Little, was the second of the family to be born in Texas December 22, 1870. Texanna's father was born in Butler County, Alabama and her mother was born in Choctaw County, Mississippi. However, Texanna's parents were married in Trinity County, Texas. Guess they left then returned. There is a Adams-Little Cemetery in Houston County." Sherry 10/06

From this page listing, but there are others online:
Located on the old Archie Adams Farm. About 2 miles down FM 2915 from Hwy 230. Dirt road leads into cemetery on private property. Adams, Archibald, b.5-15-1842, d.10-8-1914, Original settler, s/o Richard Fields Adams & Eliz Spearman.,
Adams, Selia Ann, b.4--29-1843, d.1-26-1918, Selia Ann Harrison w/o Archie,
Adams, Joseph Archie, b.3-9-1883, d.6-4-1887, s/o Archie & Selia,
Adams, James Fields, b.11-12-1867, d.7-12-1935, s/o Archie & Selia,
Adams, Sara Texanna, b.4-29-1868, d.1-6-1918, Sara T. Little w/o James F.,
Adams, Essie, b.6-23-1889, d.7-14-1890, s/o James F. & Sara,
Adams, Pearl, b.3-31-1901, d.8-6-1902, d/o James F. & Sara,
Adams, John Quincy, b.5-29-1891, d.9-11-1918, Quincy, s/o James F. & Sara,
Adams, Silas Graves, b.9-18-1854, d.4-5-1932, Cemetery marker has 9-16-1853 and Silas S. for (Sinkfield), s/o Richard Fields Adams & Eiliz. Spearman,
Adams, Georgia Anna, b.12-15-1898, d.2-12-1889, d/o William F.Adams & Lula Etheridge,
Adams, Walter Morris, b.6-24-1896, d.7-4-1897, s/o T.G. Adams & Minnie Gardner, Some data has Norris instead of Morris,
Little, Thomas Amos, b.6-28-1844, d.7-6-1907, [GT]
Little, Margaret Shaw, b.12-26-1848, d,10-9-1897, w/o T.A. Little,
Peacock, Irene, b.11-27-1910, d.1-20-1915, d/o Mary Adams & Wm.Peacock, grand-daughter of Archie.

Other notes are on my mac, and Sherry's putting things on

Paternal grandmother's side, her parents and siblings were James Walker and Sallie Ophelia (Trimble) Yates daughters: Eva Williams, Gladys Adams, Inez Foreman, Jewel Wiley Hardin, Mellie Noles, Zula Eaton, Elsie Hatcher and one son: James Yates.
Sandra note, 2020:

Sallie Ophelia Yates is buried in Capitan Cemetery (and is listed there)
There are other Yates, but I don't know them to be related.

Sallie Wiley Hughes [email protected] was keeping the family notes.

Houghton notes are moved to another page. (Mary Lou's mom, Annie Mae Houghton)

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