The calligraphy is by Sandra Dodd, the mom. The original size was larger, done with a C2 Speedball pen, then the page was photo-reduced several times, and different sizes were pasted in for different generations. It was prepared before Kirby was born, and I had the names for a girl and a boy ready, and all of it at Ray Moseley's printshop. (The girl-name we didn't need was Amber Corinne Dodd.)

The information on Keith's side was provided by his mom.
The information on my side came from this:

That was made by my Granny, Annie Mae Hathcock (my mom's mom), when I was six. I asked her for one. Some years later, I lost it and she made me another one when I was a teenager. I later found the original, folded up small, in some of my childhood souvenirs; that older one is here.

I'm listing the names so they can be found by google search.

On Kirby's birth announcement tree:

Kendall Kirby Dodd
Keith Edward Dodd
Sandra Lynn Adams
Kendall Sherman Dodd
Auriol Corinne Herring
Kirby Lynn Adams
Mary Lou Hathcock
Sherman West Dodd
Ella L. Goodale
Horace Baylis Herring
Mary Margaret Thornton
Lynn Adams
Gladys Myrtle Yates
Allen Sylvester Hathcock
Annie Mae Houghton
Isaac J. Dodd
Eva L. Davenport
Solon D. Goodale
Lola H. Goodell
Edward H. Herring
Elizabeth Ann Curran
Samuel Thornton
Catherine Richards
James Adams
Texanna Little
James Walker Yates
Sallie Ophelia Yates
Richard Henry Hathcock
Rebecca Annie Johnston
Wyman Houghton
Lucinda Jane Brooks

Names that show on this one that aren't listed on the Kirby-tree above:

Monroe Johnston
Tempie Smith
William Hathcock
Neatie Anne Green
Enoch Brooks
Melinda Jones
Joseph Houghton
Mary Duffy
Archie Adams
Anna Maples
Tom Little
William Rylie Trimble
Fannie Pearlie (Perilee?) Elizabeth Jones
William Thomas Yates
Evalina Testamin

My notes and links for Houghton are here: Houghton notes

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