Alex Polikowsky

Chat with Alex Polikowsky (transcript from March 19, 2014): Special guest: Alex Polikowsky

"Look at what you have, not what you do not have. If all you focus is in negative things that is all you will see. If you always look for the positive slowly you will, more and more, see the positive and the beauty around you and that will become who you are." Read more of Alex's advice about becoming happier and more positive.

A description of what unschoolers *do* (to someone who only saw what they don't do), in English and Portuguese: Unschooling Described

Alex's responses to some questions about her family's unschooling, in 2009: Unschooling on a Dairy Farm

Alex Polikowsky has many skills and job experiences: :
  • Dog groomer/handler/trainer
  • Flight attendant
  • Attorney (Brazil)
  • Special Olympics volunteer (translator for Brazilian swim team, 1999 Special Olympics)
  • Dairy Farmer (learning all aspets of that business on the job, having married someone who grew up on that farm and now runs it)
  • Computer tech and electronics repair (learned for and from and with her son—has repaired a midi keyboard, built a gaming computer, replaced parts on laptops)

When I sent the list above to Alex to confirm, she added more, but I'll leave it in her own words:

Yep I have done all kind of things.
I have also worked for Chanel Make up
Trained and worked with Disaster Restoration as a Project Manager and in the field as a Mitigator ( When there is water or fire damage - and other disasters- we go into a home and put it all back together including rebuilding a house. I can make it all happen! It is pretty intense! I can estimate, deal with insurance and all the people you need to hire to fix everything- like a Contractor!)
I have worked with Jewelery here and in Brazil too.
Oh gosh I have done so many different things!!!
Tourist guide and translator and in international events as part of the organizing and reception team,
You do no have to add all that but i have always done lots of different things! :)

Written in February 2014:

When I was 16 I wanted to go to another country ( the US in that case) to be a trainee working for a dog handler to get better at it since I had been showing dogs since I was 13. My parents supported me. Got me a ticket and money . I had a couple friends that had done it and one came with me to a string of famous shows and there I found a handler to work for.

It was one of the best things I did in my life.

I stayed a year. Went back to Brazil. 6 months later went back to high school, graduated, took another 6 months working, went to Law School and graduated from that.

I am so thankful my parents supported that!

I learned way way more from that year working that I did in my last two years in school. It has opened doors all my life. IT still does! The people I met , the places I went. I cannot even start listing .

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