Unschooling in the World

2017 note from Sandra:

This page used to be more important when unschooling was rarer and search engines more limited.
I'm leaving it, and still updating it sometimes, but it's easier to find locals and resources
than it was nearly 20 years ago when the page was new.
2021 NOTE:
Yahoogroups folded. Any link that went to yahoogroups is gone. Still, there are some links below that do work, to other kinds of sites.


The "Altlearn Map" project is a worldwide community network of Natural Learning with contacts on five continents.

U.S. states and regions, click here

Unschooling Canada

Unschooling Montreal

Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page

En lugar de educarlos

Homeschooling Colombia blog
and facebook page
not all unschooling, but a place to find others

Shikshantar is part of the Swaraj movement in India. This is an excellent website with a message board.

Pune Homeschoolers Members only. E-mail Hema Bharadwaj

Multiworld India, Taleemnet

Malaysian Homeschooling Network (MHsN), on Facebook

Learning Beyond Schooling

English for Asians, a blog about home education

Radical Unschoolers Aotearoa


Unschooling Info Australia, on facebook
NOTE: If you request to join this group, check your "Other" folder

Home Education Network

In Hebrew: beofen-tiv'ee, "naturally."
In English: Israel Home Education Association

In Japanese:
Onibabatachi no irutokoro, with Sandra Dodd article
In English:Homeschooling in Japan

This group should be a place to find other unschoolers, even though unschooling isn't their primary focus: EnvironmentalHomeschooling [all yahoogroups are gone, in 2021]
The list isn't limited to South Africans, either, so others might want to check it out!


Learning Unlimited yahoogroups list, European focus


There are lots of local groups that people have set up. These can be useful for people who want to arrange in person meetings in their area. However I suggest that for the discussion of ideas and principles, it's best to use Always Learning on yahoogroups, or Radical Unschooing Info on facebook. There are more experienced unschoolers here and the quality of discussion and advice is better than you will find elsewhere. If you need to find a local group just search online to find a group near to you.

The Netherlands
Vol leven—a place to share experiences, about life with children who learn from life. (in Dutch)

Leiden Home Learners (in English)


Parents Autrement, a site concerned with attachment parenting, nursing, etc., but very interested in unschooling as well. There are local meetings listed in Paris, a message board, a photo gallery planned and articles.

about french radical unschoolers or a-schooling, and a few pages in English and this one English and French.

Grandir ensemble - Grandir libres

French translations of unschooling materials are at SandraDodd.com/french

Libertad Educativa
and on Facebook


SchulFrei Bewegung (current in 2017)

Note from correspondent in late 2007: "homeschooling is illegal in Germany... but not in German-speaking Switzerland"
Leben ohne Schule has lots of unschooling and gentle parenting articles translated to German, and an associated mailing list

Although homeschooling is not legal in Germany at this time, there is a site for promoting respectful parenting and natural learning in Germany. Mit Kindern leben und lernen it's in German

German Unschooling list   Mostly German with a few Austrians and a handful of Dutch and English readers

Homeschooling in Sweden (English)
Riksorganisationen för Hemundervisning i Sverige (Swedish)

InizioApprendimento Naturale

Eesti Koduõppe Keskus (Estonian Centre for Homeschooling).
Aim of the Estonian Homeschooling Centre is to promote legalizing homeschooling, gradually trying to move towards allowing unschooling. Webpage is mainly in Estonian and English page is under development.


Taleemnet, "A Multiworld Project, Dedicated to the destruction of "factory schooling" in Asia, Africa & South America"


Special Needs
Unschooling Special Needs on facebook.

En Español
In Spanish, on Facebook, Radical Unschooling en Español, group created by Alicia Gonzalez

Other Languages
Unless otherwise specified, the links lead to English-language sites. There are, in the list at left, sites in Japanese, French, German, Estonian, Hebrew and perhaps other languages.

African-American Unschooling:
AfAmUnschool(yahoo group GONE IN 2021)
This list discussed curriculum more than some of its members expected it would, so don't use it as a sole source of unschooling information.

Mothers of Color:
The Mahogany Way A Place for Mothers of Color to discuss Natural Living (Attachment Parenting, Motherhood, Natural Birth, Homeschooling, Unschooling, Natural Family Living)


Unschooling and Girl Scouts by Joylyn Fowler.


or as close to Unschooling as I could find for each—some are structured; sorry


Christian Radical Unschoolers, on facebook

ChristianUnschooling.com Encouragement and resources for Christian unschooling, relaxed/eclectic home educating families—living in freedom in Christ. (their facebook page)

Resources for Christian Unschoolers

LDS Unschoolers on facebook
Mission Islam unschooling page

Muslim Home Education Network, Australia (their unschooling page)

A Muslim mom named Umm Badr has a beautiful site and links.

ArabesQ isn't an unschooling site, but options range from unit studies to a curriculum. "Free for all homeschoolers; Online worksheets for History, English, Arabic, Math, Science. See what learning resources we have to learn about Africa, Egypt, Turkey and more - Inshallah"

Jewish unschoolers will find information here. (see also Israeli sites in international list)
All the pagan sites are gone. I'm leaving this because it's interesting to me that at one time there were several.

For unschoolers looking to become more Earth centered in their daily life. It is a place to exchange ideas for ceremonies, crafts, altars etc. This group is open to unschoolers of all religions but will tend to focus more on Pagan beliefs. Only unschooling principles will be acceptable, anything not fitting with unschooling principles will be questioned. If you are unfamiliar with unschooling, please do more reading on the topic before joining.

Acorns, Pagan and Alternative Homeschool Journal: "From the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak." Archives
There is a Pagan "cover-school" and website called Goddess Moon Circles.
Two pages with clear information and good links are Pagan Homeschool Page and the related links page.

arranged more or less in zip-code order, eastish in the righthand column, westerly to the left

Houston Unschooling Kids
Texas Unschoolers (statewide yahoogroup)
El Paso Unschoolers (regional)
TAFFIE (Texas Advocates For Freedom In Education; more than just unschooling)
           Oklahoma Unschoolers
           Christian Unschoolers in Oklahoma City

Iowa "Unschooling in Iowa"

Michigan Unschoolers

Wisconsin Unschoolers

Minnesota: Unschooling Minnesota or Natural Rhythms Learning Co-op field trips for families

South Dakota: The Natural Learners Net (includes info on the Black Hills group called Free to Be Life Learners)


Colorado Unschooling This Colorado unschooling list is to help people who are unschooling to be cognizant of Colorado homeschool law; share ideas to support our kids' interests; to plan get-togethers to enhance understanding of unschooling (topic discussions).

Colorado Unschooling Resources

BLUE SKIES: unschooling group in and around Boulder/Longmont

New Mexico:

Albuquerque: Albuquerque Unschoolers
We are a social support group for families who are joyfully whole life learning.

Phoenix Unschoolers—meetings alternate around, and there are members in North Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear and Desert Hills.

Southern Arizona Unschoolers webpage, and yahoo list

Prescott Unschoolers Connection, with two park days a month.


Southwestern Idaho Unschoolers

Las Vegas Life Learners


Unschool San Diego

SoCalUnschoolers, for sharing ideas and planning get-togethers with other like-minded families

Dragontree Home Learners Long Beach

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Unschooling in Santa Barbara

South Bay Free2Play

San Francisco Bay Unschooling Network (SFBUN)

Sacramento Unschooling Network

Portland Radical Unschooling

Central Oregon Open Learners

Washington Radical Unschoolers

Olympia Unschoolers Meet-up

Maine Unschooling Network. That's their main site, and there is also a facebook page.

UnschoolingNH: Unschooling in New Hampshire; people from other states are welcome to join

New England Unschooling

West Jersey Homeschoolers[not just unschoolers]

DEUnschoolers - Northern Delaware area, small, active, very unschooly

Radical UNschoolers in NY (RUNNY!) a Yahoo list for radical unschoolers in New York

FUNNY (Families Unschooling iN NY) for families who are unschooling in New York state.

Mid Atlantic Radical Unschoolers


Pennsylvania Unschoolers yahoo group
and more Pennysvania notes
unschoolersandothers DE/MD/PA tri-state area, large, active, plenty of "others", set to not come up in a yahoo search. The home page is not accessible to non-members. To join, send an email to: [email protected]

DelmarvaUnschoolers - Southern Delaware, Eastern Shore of Maryland & Virginia, active

Maryland: Baltimore Growing with Unschooling


VA Peninsula Radical Unschoolers
Richmond Unschoolers

North Carolina:

NCUnschoolers on yahoogroups
          Georgia Unschoolers


Florida Unschoolers Network (FUN) Facebook group to arrange gatherings, for Florida residents or frequent visitors.

Tampa Bay Unschoolers United (a facebook group)

Pinellas Unschoolers Collective

Suncoast Unschoolers, Sarasota and Bradenton

Unschooling in the Palm Beaches

River City Unschoolers (Jacksonville)

Puerto Rico—Radical Unschoolers de Puerto Rico

Tennessee Unschooling ** Unschoolers of Memphis ** Tricities Fun (East TN and southwest VA)

Kentucky Unschoolers


Akron Area Unschooler's Tribe (Akron and surrounding areas)

Northern Ohio Unschoolers

Many Rivers Unschoolers: Will, DuPage and surrounding counties

Unschooling-in-IL (general unschooling)

Mid-Missouri— unschoolers, life learners, child led learners welcome


Central Arkansas Families Enjoying Learning In Freedom Every Day! (facebook group)

Arkansas Unschoolers

Louisiana Unschoolers