Where no one can see

My grown daughter, Holly, and I were talking about the book Be Here Now which was written and first published in northern New Mexico. When it was new, copies were $3.33, to be symbolic. The author is Ram Dass (né Richard Alpert), and it was first published in 1971.

Holly had came home from a discussion of spirituality and yoga, where someone had told a story from that book. Or maybe her friend had told her afterwards. I said I have often had the book, but I keep giving them away, and I was without one. I ordered one for her right then. She told me the story.

A few days later the book arrived, and she opened it right to this page—the story she had been told and had come home to tell me.

More info on Be Here Now.

It's not as pretty as the book itself, but the text and images can be read freely here:


(You can read it without downloading it; the larger the screen the better, for that.)

Start at page 56 to see the original, hand-drawn book without the 50+ page intro. Then if you like that part, you could go back and read the story of how Richard Alpert became Ram Dass.

Don't miss the art. That's what I mean.

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