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In February 2016, something beautiful was written in a discussion on facebook. I wanted to save it, but couldn't decide which page it fit best, so I created this page for it. I will link to all the pages it would have gone well on, too, and link back from there.

Zoe Thompson-Moore wrote:

A key idea (not a rule) which has helped me as I've been deschooling and we've moved towards radical unschooling is Sandra's suggestion to be my child's partner, not their adversary. I think so far this has helped me avoid the worst pitfalls of blindly turning other ideas such as, find ways to say yes more, into hard and fast 'how to unschool' rules (given my usual tendency this would probably have led to me always saying yes with no thought for why I was saying yes more). Focussing on being my child's partner is helping me to place my real life children front and centre of my attention and to think deeply and respond kindly and appropriately to their particular needs in this particular moment.

Rules are prescriptive and in the past have led to me doing things from a place of fear (I must do the 'right' thing) which isn't useful for unschooling. With time I'm beginning to understand how principles offer a much more responsive and responsible place to be unschooling from.

It's also here, with commentary and was originally in this discussion about strewing, rules, and choices.

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