The Dwarves of Atenveldt
Gunwaldt and Heinrich once wanted to be in a processional and didn't have a group to march with so they and a few others had themselves announced in as "The Dwarves of Atenveldt," and it stuck (yea verily, it created a monster). There were three events involving axe tournaments and poison apples to choose Snow White. Here are photos from the first of those, which was held in Santa Clara Canyon, west of Santa Clara Pueblo, in the Jemez Mountains, the last weekend of July 1978.

On the left are, top to bottom, Johan von Hohen Staffen, Malinda von Hohen-Staffen (of other names later), Stefan of the Wanderers, and Buddy the Wonderdog.

Top starting with the horned helm:
Heinrich der Jager, Beau Marishka of the Romanies, Dennis of the Titans, Sigmund Træskæg, Gunwaldt der Ostermachen (later "Gulbjorn"), Zotsmeyer, and Koris Natterhelm.

Bottom row:
Irminsul the Improbable; Glenm the Pirate; Selene and Theo of Mightrinwood and their son, Daniel; Marcus Arabis

More detailed copies of these are here: /albums/c111/SandraDodd/SCA/Dwarves
(or were when I made this page, and any who find those should feel free to put the images in other safer places for posterity).
More Dwarven tales will be added someday.

Notes and comments can be sent to Ælflæd of Duckford (who was made Snow White at that event, but wasn't in the portrait, which was dwarves and dwarf-moms only, plus one dwarf-dog, and Daniel).