Marty Tufts / Sigmund Træskæg

Cattle die     and kinsmen die,
     thyself eke soon wilt die;
but fair fame       will fade never,
     I ween, for him who wins it.

Havamol (77)

At Burro Creek 2, February 1979
Left angling up: Robin of Mightrinwood, Tarloc the Bold, Gunwaldt
Across center, Sigmund, prominent in front with master's baldric and pole axe; Zotsmeyer (helm down), Stefan of the Wanderers, Wilhelm of the Bogs.
Front right, Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm and Beau Marishka of the Romanies
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From Atenveldt order of precedence:

Master of Arms 1978-08-20
Award of Arms 1978-07-22

From Southwind (Atenveldt's newsletter). The first page (photo and text) by AElflaed/Sandra, drawing my Marty/Sigmund. Second page, words and art by Caryl/Irminsul. Click to enlarge.

Marty grew up in Vermont, moved to Colorado, joined the SCA in Caerthe, moved to al-Barran, and then to Alaska.

Sandra Dodd