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Sandra Dodd, by Cathy Koetsier, writing at length on about whether and why it's safe for Christians to read and consider my writing. A very interesting angle.

Follow-up to a talk I gave at Amy Childs' house in Philadelphia in 2009: Potluck with Sandra Dodd

Site of the Month, The Natural Child Project, February 2007

Wikipedia article, by Pam Sorooshian, Laura Derrick, and the quotations in the notes/discussion were all sent by Ren Allen.
This page has changed, over time. Some links have gone bad. The quotes were removed to another place by wikipedia editors. Jenny Cyphers has done some page maintenance. Otherwise, I don't know anymore who keeps it up.

Connections, on Melissa Wiley's blog, 2007

Sandra Dodd … The Dr. Laura of Unschooling? (backup copy)

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Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head, by Leo Babauta, September 4, 2009
(Quotes me, Agatha Christie, John Updike, and John Holt, in that order.)

Interviews (lots of interviews there, some of me, some by me of other unschoolers
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Big Book of Unschooling

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Moving a Puddle

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Sandra's biographical notes a good starting place for Beginning Unschoolers Just Add Light and Stir (inspirational notes)