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Sandra Dodd … The Dr. Laura of Unschooling?
By Lisa - Unschooling Mom | October 24, 2007

No one has influenced me more in my parenting and or helped helped me with my family more than Sandra Dodd. Newcomers to unschooling will hear her name more than any other when they first delve into the word of unschooling.. or radical unschooling/living mindfully or joyful living. She is a MUST read. Read her book, join her email list and check out her blog.

A word of advice- Don’t sign up for her unschooling list.. then 3 minutes later post ” how do I unschool” (!!!) I suggest you lurk.. the lurk some more. Stay awhile and get a feel for her style. I was describing her to my husband once- and he said- oh -you mean she’s like the Dr. Laura of Unschooling? I did actually LOL.

Okay- don’t flip out those of you who are not fans of Dr. Laura. He meant that she is there to give her opinion- and she WILL tell you - always with what helps the family and kids most- not what you/need/want to hear. So don’t expect any hand holding when you show up to whine or complain or BE RIGHT.

I know many have written to me complaining about her style- she’s too gruff, she is mean, she is condescending, she is harsh… wah wah wah. She is also RIGHT almost all of the time! Take time to read her website. If you on her email list ( an if you are new and serious to unschooling- you should be) and you will see what she is getting at and the wisdom of her ways. If you are still not convinced- remember its ” Principles Over Personalities”

If you don’t like her/her style- you don’t have to… most likely you won’t be moving next door to her.. Take a deep breath and listen- really listen to what she is saying. What she is saying makes sense and she is consistent in her beliefs and philosophies.

I won’t even try and re-write what she has all ready done so perfectly- visit both her sites:
Sandra Dodd Website- TON of info here. Any question you can think of about unschooling somewhere in there.
Sandra Dodd Blog :

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