How to get help for particular questions

I don't do one-on-one help.

It's better for you to get answers from a group of people—you'll have a broader range of ideas and the discussion of those suggestions will help you clarify your thoughts. It's a better use of my volunteer time and energy if what I write goes to a large group rather than to one individual.

I run and participate in two discussions:

serious discussion for committed unschoolers (more information)

Radical Unschooling Info, an open group on Facebook (you can read without joining)

If your question is of a legal or technical nature, ask people in your state/province/administrative area for help. There are some links here:, but searching on facebook or the web might get you newer info.

If you need confidentiality, there is a list of Counselors, coaches and therapists who are involved with unschooling themselves, and so understand it.


I have a search page with two search boxes: One to my site (without ads) and one to several unschooling sites:

Help page for newer unschoolers

Most recent post at Just Add Light and Stir—a blog that is built of encouraging ideas:

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