How to get help for particular questions

I don't do one-on-one help.

It's better for you to get answers from a group of people—you'll have a broader range of ideas and the discussion of those suggestions will help you clarify your thoughts. It's a better use of my volunteer time and energy if what I write goes to a large group rather than to one individual.

I run and participate in two discussions:

serious discussion for committed unschoolers (more information)

Radical Unschooling Info, an open group on Facebook (you can read without joining)

If your question is of a legal or technical nature, ask people in your state/province/administrative area for help. There are some older links here: SandraDodd.com/world, but searching on facebook or the web will get you newer info. That page is antique.

If you need confidentiality, there is a list of Counselors, coaches and therapists who are involved with unschooling themselves, and so understand it.


I have a search page with two search boxes: One to my site (without ads) and one to several unschooling sites: SandraDodd.com/search

Help page for newer unschoolers

Most recent post at Just Add Light and Stir—a blog that is built of encouraging ideas:

The potential of unschooling to transform lives

The benefits of group discussion can be larger than anything else in the world. Unschoolers have known it for years, but a new book called "Smarter than You Think" describes the process, too. There are people whose lives have been transformed because they wanted good relationships with their children and they took small, simple steps to get there.

Those three pages are an impressive collection of the powerful difference a deep understanding of unschooling, and its practice in a home, can make to parents as individuals.