2021 note from Sandra:
This page was created around 2008, maybe, when there were several happy, busy e-mail lists for unschoolers. I will line through those that are no longer available, but depending when you come here, more might be gone.

Some groups are archived on my page. Check SandraDodd.com/archive if you like to read early, enthusiastic discussions!

Some Unschooling Discussions

This list began as a list of alternatives to UnschoolingDiscussion, which is itself now closed.
List of Justifications for Being Online

A list for committed unschoolers to share their journeys and ideas. Listowner: Sandra Dodd

Radical Unschooling Info, on facebook

Alex Polikowsky's discussion for Unschooling Gamers

On facebook, Laura Zurro's Unschooling Gamers

Unschooling Partnerships is a discussion list created by unschoolers to help other unschoolers apply the principles developed in the examination and implementation of unschooling in their partner relationships. Follow the link for a better description.

FOR DADS (neither very active, but they will probably answer questions)
Unschooling Dads
This group is for dads who are unschooling and for dads who have doubts, questions, fears about it.

Secret Society of Unschooling Dads
This group is for Unschooling Dads, Granddads, and Dads-to-be who have attended one of the past three Live and Learn Conferences OR who have spouses who attended one of these conferences. Other unschooling fathers (et al.) can also join the group through invitation. Our intention is to keep a running dialog and passion for unschooling our children between conferences.

These aren't very busy, but the archives are excellent:
Unschooling Highlights
Greatest hits of some of the other unschooling lists. Listowner: Pam Sorooshianz
Yahoogroups flushed all their archives in late 2019

A different sort of list managed by Pam Sorooshian. Readers submit stories, and the best (or all if they're great, I think) will be released to the list by Pam. The archives will be all stories, no chit-chat.

DEFUNCT groups, but archives remain:

A list designed for those new to the philosophy of unschooling. Ask questions, and find out how unschooling works in real families." Listowners: Ren Allen and Kelly Lovejoy Joyce Fetteroll was one of the owners when it was closed.

archives of those two are on this site, Archive

More HELP for New Unschoolers