The Unschooling Discussion group used to be really great. :-)

Changes, as of November 2019, Facebook is deleting archives, but a sweet patron moved the archive, as well as he could, to

For historical purposes:

the Unschooling Discussion list(s)

In 1999 the discussion started on Yahoogroups.
In 2006 we moved it to google. As of December 2008, both lists are open.
As of late 2011, neither is very active, but the archives are there!
2019, yahoogroiups is closing, and the google group is defunct, but the archives are here:

Older Archives, from yahoo (at        Google Archives

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The UnschoolingDiscussion list was jointly owned by Joyce Fetteroll, Pam Sorooshian, and Sandra Dodd.


Expansions of the comments at right, and more.

"I have been reading the list and really appreciate that participants give a heartfelt response and not something wishy washy.....There are few places in my world that welcome this."
"Thanks for your wise words and advice.... I'm amazed...
This list...inspire[s] me to be a better mother every day.... Thank you, LIST!"
"...things that you have said to me at times have really been helpful to me—although not always seeming to be so in the first place..."
"... it has really expanded my world in such a good way."
"I find myself googling things more and wanting to know more about EVERYTHING!"
"...I realize that you are "REAL' and tell it like it is and you get a person to really think!"
I have really found this list to be eye-opening and inspiring.

Even though the discussion is now defunct, you can read lots of the archives at the links above. Another group with many of the same participants is now at Always Learning.