Boards stay there. Lists flow by like a little brook or a raging, flooding, logjammed river.

If you keep posting, your typing speed will become faster. That's good. (Unless you're already around 95 wpm, then... at least you're not spending unnecessary hunt'n'peck energy.)

If time spent here keeps you from poking and prodding and pushing your kids, that's good.

If time spent here gives you confidence to unschool that will save you TONS of money and energy and worry and heartache and interpersonal repair, that's good.

If you took a course on unschooling and had to go to class a time or two a week, with commuting time, and reading and paper-writing time, and if it cost what a college class costs in tuition, but you could just do THIS instead, that would be good. (And hey! It's true!)

If this satisfies your urge for female company sometimes, it keeps you from having to leave the kids or from having to pay for expensive coffee and snacks at some hoity-toity bakery/magazine stand.

It keeps you from biting your nails, picking at your scabs, twirling your hair... (if you have no such vices, you can't count that one).


MANY testimonials of benefits of online participation are here.

2006 note:
This list was true when I wrote it, but as of early 2006, both google groups and yahoo lists can be searched and sorted by topic, which gives them some of the advantages that only message boards enjoyed before that.

2020 note:
Things change and change. In 2019, Yahoogroups deleted their archives, but three groups are rescued on my site (thanks to the skills and generosity of Vlad Gurdiga), so my website more than doubled with all those messages, and you can search them here.

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