Light and Lightness

Airy and bright

"Add light" can notch us up into the... lighter light.

It's not just sunshine that's light. There is firelight, candlelight, the glow of an iPad on a happy face, a flashlight under the covers, moonlight.

There can also be light from within—bright eyes, and a warm smile.

Light as in not heavy or ponderous—lighten up in that way, too.

Light humor. A light step. Light music, with a light lunch.

I hope this will bring to light some ways for you to light up your own life and some of the lives around you.

 photo HannahNorthForestBoy.jpg
photo by Hannah North
Living lightly is part of the joy of unschooling.

I had the feeling you were trying to find ways to justify and protect your negative attitudes...

It's a hole.
A dark hole.

Hop out into the happy light!


(more of that on the Mindfulness page)

"If you don't take that time, you miss some pretty wonderful bits of life. When there is stress and other negative influences happening around us, it's even MORE important to take that time to seek out the beauty and the softness and the sweet and light and happy things."

—Jenny Cyphers
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Nature and Nurture—what parents do with and to children affects the children profoundly, for life.

Effects and causes

I liked the shadow this basket was making on the wall and floor of my bathroom. You can see inside the basket which part the light shone on to make the pattern. Every bit of the shadow corresponds to part of the basketweave, and to the angle of the light. What you do shines on, and sometimes through, your children. You affect them, and others can see the effect.
photo by Sandra Dodd

Sandra Dodd:

Negativity can be fun and entertaining and all, and the frothy joy of a bitch fest can be cathartic, but some people like it so much they live there. (original)

Becoming the Parent You Want to Be Angles and Perspective Reflections on Mirrors

P.S. I left myself a to-do list when I first began this page on light:
Link to "Just Add Light" and every page on negativity

Link to Mental Health and every page on that.

Bring some Just Add Light posts about light itself. Lighten up posts.

In case I never get back to it, you can search here for negativity and mental health, and even "lighten up." If you use the bottom search bar, it includes Just Add Light and Stir, or you can go straight there to search.