"That day can be nothing but an epic fail! and a total success in reminding us that we learn all the time!"
—Pam Dowling

"I just love Learn Nothing Day! My 5 year old said... 'Mom is that possible.... to have a day where we don't learn something?' ) "

—Vicki Harkness

"You know, I'm beginning to feel like Learning Nothing Day is the single most effective thing I can do to demonstrate the very essence of unschooling. It really strikes to the core."

—Karen Tucker
Unschoolers need a holiday.
When people ask if they homeschool in the summer, they say yes. When people ask when they have a break from learning, they say never. This has gone on for a long time now.

July 24 is Learn Nothing Day—a vacation for unschoolers.

Learn Nothing Day is void in Utah, and people in Utah will know why.
Special dispensation for Utah unschoolers: Learn Nothing could be celebrated in Utah on July 25.

Criticism of Learn Nothing Day

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2008 art (link at bottom for more)

A 2012 report:

We failed.

2010 citations and comments:

Learn Nothing Day, Home Education Resources, UK

Today is Learn Nothing Day, by Rebecca, at Victoria Advocate.com

The Quirks of Unschooling (Ronnie Maier on her blog, and another one later that same day: Tiny tidbits: Learn Nothing Day, Part Trois)

"I just kept on learning just like it was a normal day. No matter how I tried, I just Kept On Learning!" —Annalise, age 6

Learn Nothing Day, Volume Three, Susan Gaissert at The Expanding Life
(two parts of a long list:)

~ Tinky learned how to use the dishwasher today. I tried to stop her, but it couldn't be helped. They just are not cooperating with me today.

~ Techi was playing his "Guy Game" online and was listening to some really cool funk music. I asked him where he got it from. He told me to check out Pandora.com. So now I have learned how to find all my favorite music on Pandora. I'm listening to Frank Morgan he is an Awesome jazz musician. Oops! Now you learned something new. Sorry! —Rana

It was our first time participating in Learn Nothing Day, and I am afraid to say we failed miserably!

We started out okay.
We got out of our beds, said good morning to each other and we were peacefully eating our breakfast together, when before I could really even realize what was happening, the girls began explaining tornadoes to Little Buddy! It was not his fault really, he's only 3 and he just didn't know better than to be curious about, as he says it, "toynadoes"! At any rate, as you can most likely imagine, it was all downhill from there, learning stalked us all day long, and we never even left the house today!

Oh well—there's always next year!

—Anne Dye, in Italy

"It's only one day—surely we can slow down for just one day to take it easy and learn absolutely nothing." So wrote Kristen...

"Well, we had a plan to stay at home and do nothing for Learn Nothing Day, but by 11am our plan was foiled. My 6yr old son put in a History Channel DVD on the history of steam trains and my 6yr old daughter Wiki'd Annie Oakley and was researching guns, so unfortunately we are all learning something today. They even looked at me like I was a complete reject last night when we discussed the concept of learning nothing today. My daughter said, 'But mommy, how are we going to learn nothing? That's just silly!'" —Nina Lee

Parental Intelligence wrote: PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS WEBSITE ON JULY 24!!
Any other day of the year is just fine.

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Cafe Press shop (now closed) — used to have Shirts, mugs, clocks, stickers and THINKING CAPS! (or maybe not-thinking caps?) might have again someday.

Notes and images from the first Learn Nothing Day, in 2008 and a page on how Holly put it together

Notes from the second, failed, unsuccessful Learn Nothing Day, in 2009, on which people not only learned all day, but kept bragging and writing about it. They hooted and mocked the very idea of learning nothing.

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