First logo, 2008:

Art in progress for Learn Nothing Day

I did this with pencil (first layer), Sharpie (traced the best pencil sketch lines on another paper), and then Photoshop Elements (cleaned up the lines some, reshaped some awkward bits).

Then I passed it and a bunch of images on to Holly, who knows how to do things like this:


Holly's computer has been broken for over a week, and I want this art quickly, so she's borrowing Marty's desktop which doesn't do everything so well, but it does have Photoshop Elements 2.0, which is the version she's used to. Marty's new laptop has Photoshop Elements 4.0, but Holly doesn't want to have to learn anything she doesn't know right now. I totally understand that feeling!

Holly is figuring out which images will go well under what shapes and in what color arrangements. I gave her lots of images and she's going through and choosing what will work on various letter shapes.

The shape of the R, she said, made it more difficult, but she's enjoying the challenge.

I was in watching her resize and then move images around underneath to see that what peeks through the letter is optimal. She showed me one setting that restores the whole images beneath and said I could show you all IF I make clear that it doesn't look like that while she's working on it. She doesn't want anyone to try to learn how from a misleading image, I think. As she's working, all that shows is what's inside the letter, which she has emptied of color (made transparent).

So here's a preview of the art for Learn Nothing Day. When it's finished, you'll be able to print it out to put on your door, or use it small on your calendar or add an icon to your blog or MySpace, if you want. It's been fun.

Guide to the art used to make the logo

Art for a newer logo in 2020 (Holly's idea; newer images, better lettering)

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