Criticism of Learn Nothing Day

Criticism is rare, and sometimes amusing.


[partial quote, about] "Unschoolers being smug and pretentious and rubbing it in our faces"


It's humanly impossible to learn absolutely nothing for an entire 24 hour period. And quite frankly it's a stupid idea. Why not have a do something relaxing that you really enjoy day or a something you've never had the courage to do day.


all three on Reddit:

That this is even a thing is just depressing.

I thought that was every day for unschoolers.

Well that's weird I observe my learn nothing day from January 1 - December 31 ha


Is that like smoke-a-cigar day or cut-yourself-on-purpose day? Why chose to damage yourself? Thanks alot Google, we have one more evidence that you are NOT looking out for our interests, rather herding us like sheep being stolen from the shepherd.


The idea of a "Learn ... Read MoreNothing Day" seems to have been made to teach that learning is an ongoing process.

made to teach!? 🙂


Why does unschoolers have to have an OFFICIAL DAY to learn nothing Day??? IT seems Like you are showing the world that you are learning nothing all year round. So why have a day of it...

comment left on someone's blog post,
(written by the mother of two, not by a kid)

Oh, Dear. I'm afraid it's impossible for me to participate in Learn Nothing Day because i learn something every day every minute all the time. I'm sure several others here will agree.

I still don't get the idea. If i can't learn nothing what do i do? Just pretend it's not learn nothing day?