Some of the good parts of a
Karl Morgan Fan Site
archived, for fun and so his sons can see it someday, maybe

Karl Morgan's Fan Club testimonials
Mined from, originally created in September 1999

Note from Sandra Dodd:

This information was gathered in 2015, from an Angelfire site with some pages already missing. Several of the members' pages are gone, or have a note saying they closed them. The site had a black background with white and teal words, so it can't be printed out and isn't easy to read. In those days, not much fit on a webpage, so I've brought some of the art and notes for posterity (for Karl's kids to read someday). Images are from various places on that site, or the web—not from the text they might be next to. They're fuzzy because they were tiny, generally.


You know him don't you, the cute, little amazing dancer from the CATS video?
I think he's really cute, so I decided to make a website devoted to him.
Unfortunally I don't know much about him, so at this moment, the page is small. But I hope it will grow bigger. For that, I need your help, so if you have info, pics, sounds or anything else about Karl, please send it to me on Pouncival Morgan
~Pouncival Morgan~

The page listing the individual fans said:


Are you a fan of Karl Morgan? Well, why don't you show the rest of the web; be a part of this unofficial fanclub. All you have to do is to send me this is info:

-Your e-mail address.
-Your real name. (If you have one)
-The name and the URL to your webpage(s). (If you have one, or two, or know)
-Just a little something that tells the rest of us why you like Karl.
Send all the info to Pouncival Morgan
Any fans of Karl, feel free to place this cool banner of your webpage, maybe with a link back to my site, so there can be more members in the club. If you don't have a site, just save it for fun!

NAME: Rumpleteazer
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WHY LONE LIKES KARL: He reminds me of my friend JT.(and myself)^.^

NAME: Lone Nordløkken
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WEB PAGES: Bombalurina's Page, My Shrine to Griddlebone, and Lone's Twirling Page
WHY LONE LIKES KARL: He's really cute looking with an adorable face. And he's also a great, great dancer.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WHY LIKES KARL: Karl's really funny and she also likes the character Pouncival.

WHY ANN LIKES KARL: She thinks he's adorable! She loves the way he smiles. He's also a really, really good dancer. She thinks the should give him more lines to sing in the CATS video, because he sounds good when he says "And bright" in "The Jelicle Ball".

NAME: Danielle
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WEB PAGE: Firefrorefiddle and Taramine's Cavern
WHY DANIELLE LIKES KARL: She likes Karl because he's really acrobatic, and that's QUITE something to admire.

NAME: Tina Pedersen
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WEB PAGE: Jemima_Kitty's Page
WHY TINA LIKES KARL: She loves him because he is soo HOT!!!!!!! And he can dance, act.......

NAME: Ingvild Aarset
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WHY INVILD LIKES KARL: She loves Karl because he's really cute, and an exelent dancer.

NAME: Randy
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WEBPAGES: Misto's Jellicle Magic and Pouncival's Place
WHY RANDY LIKES KARL: He just totaly rules!

NAME: Heather
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY HEATHER LIKES KARL: She thinks he's really cute and he likes to have fun and joke around. She think he's a great actor and dancer, and that he disurves more attention.

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBPAGE: Jezabette's Jellicle Gathering
WHY SILLABUB LOVES KARL: She loves Karl! He's just to adorable to be belived! he's her second favourite. He's a terrific little guy, with great dance moves and a flair for tumbling and gymnastics! She loves him!

NAME: Feliciradeya
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY FELICIRADEYA LIKES KARL: She likes him because he plays such a cute character, and he's a good dance/actrobat/actor. He makes some really cute faces in the video.

NAME: Lady Zion
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEB-PAGES: Lady Zion's Junkyard
WHY LADY ZION LIKES KARL: What is there not to like? Guy's cute as a button, he can dance really well, and he makes her laugh! (Which is, by the way, exactly what her human counterpart likes in guys.)

NAME: Alicia Harding
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEB-PAGE: Alicia's Jellicle Ball
WHY ALICIA LIKES KARL: I like Karl because he's a great dancer and actor, and he playes Pouncival really well. And I think he's the cutest actor in the movie. And the way he portrays Pouncival is so adorable!

NAME: Rebecca/Rumpel
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY REBECCA LIKES KARL: He's a WONDERFUL dancer....a GREAT dancer....and he rules!

E-MAIL:[email protected]
WEBPAGE:The Kitty Hotel
WHY SILLYPAW LIKES KARL:Why I like Karl? He is sooo CUTE! And amazing dancer! He makes me laugh...He's really funny..I luv him!

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY TANYA LIKES KARL: She thinks that Karl Morgan is cute and a great dancer. He is in the top five cutest guys in CATS. In order they are: Mistoffelees, Karl Morgan, Munkustrap, Alonzo, and Rum Tum Tugger.

NAME:Dana Maria
E-MAIL:[email protected]
WHY DANA MARIA LIKES KARL: What can I say that hasn't already been said. He's cute, an amazing danser and actor and he's so funny to watch 'cause he makes trouble all the time. And his name is sooo great. Just listen: Pouncival, Pounce, Pouncie. Energetic!

NAME:Vicky-Demeter Cat
E-MAIL:[email protected]
WEBPAGE:Vicky-Demeter Cat's Playroom
WHY VICKY-DEMETER CAT LIKES KARL:I love Karl because he's so cute! He does flips like no other dancer I've ever seen! not only that, he's just absolutely adorable!!!

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBPAGE:Mistarra's Realm of Jellicle Cats
WHY STARRA LIKES KARL:I like Karl because of his character, he's like the "class clown" of the Jellicle World and I think Pouncival is one of the absolute cutest kitties.

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY RUMPELTEAZER LIKES KARL:I like Karl Morgan because he seems like such a sweet , friendly person. He is also GORGESS.

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY JEMIMYBUB LIKES KARL:He's so cute! I love his dimples! I am amazed with his dancing! All those flips. And even though I've only heard him sing one little phrase by him, It was adorable! He also looks very cute with and without his makeup on.

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WHY FRANCES LIKES KARL:I love Karl Morgan because he seems really friendly and he is extremely cute he is way cuter than Jacob Brent

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBPAGE:Jen's Page
WHY JEN LIKES KARL: She think he is just so gorgeous and he is a completely talented person in every way!!

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBPAGE: The Unofficial Karl Morgan Website
WHY Pouncival Morgan LOVES KARL: I think that he's GREAT. I find him to be very talented as a dancer, singer and performer. He brings a fresh element to the pouncival character and it shows!

NAME: Nikole
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
WEB PAGES:The Kittens' Alley
WHY NIKOLE LIKES KARL: Because he's ADORABLE and a great dancer and just

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