Below is the page as it appeared in September, 2012. These comments were on the sidebar of Just Add Light during that time:

Gift Exchange

"Thank you for the light that begins each day for us on our home school life journey... you are truly a GIFT to us all! You have helped me be more kind to my children. The best thing anyone could have done for them and me. Thank you! Your sites have been a wonderful part of our unschooling journey, and we’re happy to support their continuation. I'm happy to have an occasion to give something back to you :-) Thank you for your help, support, inspirational words, ideas, photos, presence..." I love this idea as just a month ago I was searching your site looking for some way to donate something in order to support your website. I've gotten so much assistance, reassurance and inspiration from your work and thoughts and ability to bring it all together. Thank you. I imagine you know your work is important, but I wonder if you know just how meaningful so many of us find it. We truly are grateful.

September 2012 Gift Exchange
in honor of the second birthday, and beginning of Year Three
of Just Add Light and Stir

I need funding and title art.

For donations of $5 or more, I will send you a postcard.     What?

For a donation of $10 or more, you'll receive a Certificate of Empowerment and a letter explaining a couple of changes in my beliefs in sixteen years since that was written. I have 33 of the nicely-printed ones left, and don't plan to make any more, ever. Here.

For $25 or more, I will send a surprise package. I'll try to match things to families, so give me more information.


Separate from the donations and return mail, my website could use title art. You could use any medium, as long as it can be turned to a .gif or .jpg file. So if the original is in clay, send a photo. Consider scanner art, or embroidery, or sticks lined up. Or crayon, marker, cut paper, photoshop, Draw Something... Details, ideas and examples

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