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About money collected

Some people might like to know where their money is going. As I'm not a charity nor educational corporation, the income will be taxed, and there will be costs of sending the cards, letters/certificates and packages, so probably about 60% will remain for these expenses: is on a yahoo small business site, and that costs $131.28 a year.

The chatroom used to be paid by usage, but they've switched to quarterly charges, and so that's now $129.00 a year.

Because the custom google search was used so much, my choices were to accept advertising or pay for it at a business rate. So that's $100 a year now. I use it several times a day, but I know I'm not the only one.

Here's the search tool; it's on a few pages, and at

Here it comes; wait for it...

December's Always Learning Live Unschooling Symposium has some advance expenses: airfares for (this year) Joyce Fetteroll and Kirby Dodd; gasoline reimbursement for Rose and Pam Sorooshian, and Jill Parmer and Luke Davidson. Albuquerque, December 27-30
That may break even, as it did last year, but still has advance expenses.

Jill Parmer and I are flying to Minnesota for and ALL in May; more in-advance expenses. Minneapolis (northwest of), May 2-5, 2013