Strewing by Mail

To each family donating $25 or more, I will send something interesting, and a letter about what it is or where I got it. Some things might be something wrapped or enclosed in an interesting something-else.

I probably won't send anything out before the middle of the month, so that I can match items to families.

Maybe look through this list and leave me a note at PayPal, or by e-mail or by mail if you use snail mail. It's not a questionnaire, it's a swirl of ideas, and I hope a couple might jump out at you. Just a few clues might help me know what to send. I can't guarantee a great match, but it would be fun to try.

Choose amount

Or... you could say you don't want to answer any questions, but just take a random surprise package.

Either way, leave a note at Paypal or e-mail me at [email protected] .

Do you garden
            or have house plants
                               or live in an apartment without plants?

Does someone there collect something... stamps, foreign coins, dice? Music, books, DVDs? Needlework? Folk art? Dolls? Rocks? Kitchen tools in copper? Aluminum?

Favorite musicians or authors?

Gamers? What kinds of games?         Music or books or art?

Is there a part of the world, or a period of history you prefer?

Engineering? Geography? Geology?

Do you use a fireplace or wood stove?

Do you have much table space at your house?                           Do you cook?           Sew? Do crafts? What kind?

How young is your youngest child? Girl or boy? How many children, and girls or boys? Girly-girls?

Do you have a favorite color? Do you prefer wood or metal?

Noisy house or very quiet? Rough kids or gentle with fragile things?

Comedy or drama?
            Conservative or liberal?
                   Religious? What sort? If Christian... Protestant or Catholic?
                         Music-reading? What instrument(s)?

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