Cheery smile-inducing happy distractions, with music.

Yatta, auto-tune, Gangnam-style baby...

This was only on facebook at first, but now it's on youtube so God'n'everybody can see that happy baby!

If this one isn't working for some reason, click here. It's a little girl telling her dad about her "yipick" (lipstick).

YATTA! (the mysterious original)

YATTA the clarification for English-speakers:

"We've got a psycho bear."
"Fanimutation of kings, Irrational Exuberance took me thirty hours to make. In the bargain of the century, it will only take you four minutes to watch. Enjoy!" (with goofy subtitles and "Nippon Q Queue" art)
Animated by "Veloso"
BUT WAIT! You don't need to go to the flash animation because someone has transferred it to YouTube. Good. (And flash stopped working later anyway.)

If that made you curious, there's a video about the song's origins as an ongoing, evolving sketch on Japan's version of Saturday Night Live, and about some toilet paper, and a girl band cover, here: Yatta! The REAL TRUE Story Behind Green Leaves By Happa-Tai

Auto-tuned glory:

Bad Lip Reading, Star Wars
"Nothing that a little music can't help!"

And just in case someone has come here from Just Add Light and Stir who didn't already have these two internalized completely... a parody of "Lola" by The Kinks (theirs 1971; his 1985) and of Don McLean's "American Pie" (1971; Weird Al's version in 1999).

This song was done as an encore at Weird Al concerts for a long time, with the costume:

A real penguin? Or...

Butterfly did what to WHAT!?

If the video is gone, click here for a few collections of Korean or Japanese lyrics that sound clearly like something in English (not something they wanted to say, though).

One is Spanish (by accident) and sounds quite clearly like "Soy un Dorito."

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