Trip to England, 1979

This might never be "complete," but I figured if I gathered and scanned photos and souvenirs I could better remember what I saw and thought when I visited England in 1979. What better way to confirm exact dates?

And here is my governmental mugshot:

I was still married to Jimbo, but not living with him anymore.

I had planned to be gone six weeks, but cut it short because I thought I was pregnant, didn't like my hosts, and was running out of money. No one had told me that travelling can cause a person's period not to come. Even if I had known, the last week I was there the accommodations weren't very welcoming.

The first three weeks were wonderful, though. I was in Cambridge with David, Fran, Laurie and Kate McPherson.

There was a postage strike, and two boxes of books I bought and mailed to myself in Albuquerque never arrived. A box of my clothes (some I had made and the most expensive top I had ever had) didn't arrive home, either. So in the near balance it was a stressful trip, and when I got home to surprise Keith, he was up on the crest with Jerilyn and another couple of people. Just not perfect. :-)

But in the longview, I learned a ton (naturally), and figured I would never process everything I saw and heard, and as of 2010, I still haven't. I still think back to mysterious things I didn't quite get, and things I DID get in breathtaking ways.

As I find things, I'll add them.

Holly and I went to East Yorkshire in 2000 and Holly went back alone in 2005 me, third visit, 2009