Eating Food!

Supporting Unschooling Podcast, September 11, 2014
hosted and edited by Amy Childs

A fifteen-and-a-half minute podcast on Food from September 2014.

Podcast created by Amy Childs, with Sandra Dodd, Alex Polikowsky and Brie Jontry
as part of a series called "The Unschooling Life," at Unschooling Support (a site no longer available).

The links in the original page went to my food page, Alex's blog and to Brie's blog. I'll link those below, and a bit more so you can read and hear more from these two unschoolers. The blogs were busier in earlier years, but the good thing is you can read about the kids before they were teens!

Alex Polikowsky

Holy Cow is PolyKow! the dairy farmer and the carioca

Alex Polikowsky (collection of links)

Choosing school
(about her daughter going to public school to play basketball)

Brie Jontry
Pennsylvania, Alaska, New Mexico

Noor's Blog what our unschooling life looks like

Brie Jontry (links and notes)

Unschooling a Child With a Chronic Illness with Brie Jontry

More about food and eating peace "Building an unschooling Nest"