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Some day, you will hear the small voice and you will awaken ... and it will be all at once ... and you will never know that... (it goes on and ON at Clarity, Caution and Curses)
Later thoughts, after re-reading this a few months later:
Her response was a curse. Goofy, and a curse.

"Some day, you will hear the small voice and you will awaken ... and it will be all at once ... and you will never know that you were once so very close-minded..." (but then I'm told I will remember...)

The real curse was "And some day in the not-too-far-off future, you will experience a huge number of health challenges..." and then she wishes me a healthy path.

So much noise, so little calm thought.

My favorite ever is when someone wished for something to smite my family. She specified what should smite my family. Karma.
Sandra, I read your entire website before I subscribed to the list. If all you can do is refer people to read more material – you cannot help me. If I wanted to read more about unschooling information I would buy a book. I have read everything I could get a hold of. What I need is rewording of everyday situations. I spend almost all day everyday with my children, how dare you imply that I don’t spend enough time with my children. My computer sits in the mainstream of our life and we all spend a good deal of time on it –

You know what it doesn’t matter any more I don’t need to explain myself to you. I have unsubscribed from your fucking list. I am sick of your high and mighty attitude. The controlling nature of this list is more then my unschooling mind can understand. You are closed minded and I truly hope karma smites you and yours.

(Maybe around 2005, on the Unschooling Discussion list on yahoogroups; no longer there.

November 2017:

I hope you lose everything you’ve tried to accomplish. You only damage people’s process in the unschooling philosophy.

You are not great. You are not a voice. And even though some will follow you, your tarnishing feedback WILL catch up to you and you will deal with those consequences. (a href="">here

September 2018, because someone was characterizing me as violent and hateful, I got a message that included these parts and more

Rot in hell.. . . . . . . . There really is a special place in hell for people like you.

Positive feedback (and some negative) Why being negative is harmful The benefits of seeking to be peaceful

In context, what I wrote that made someone wish to smite me (or to have the universe smite me)