Fourth Grade

1962-63, Miss Sally Gonzales's 4th grade class, EspaƱola Elementary. We were in the room nearest the library, that opened to the west, on the outside, facing Theta (the oldest building, now gone).

I was nine years old in 4th grade. Most kids turn 10 during that year, but I had a summer birthday.

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____?___, Leroy Lopez, Dolores Quintana, Miss Gonzales, Mr. Caperton, Terry Martinez, Dennis Vialpondo, Debbie ___

Chuck ___, Joanna Alarid, Daniel Martinez, Henry Abeyta, Sandra Adams, Joseph Polaco

Carmel Marquez, Larry Naranjo, Karen Wisdom, Martha Ellen Wilson, John DePaula, Martha Yordy, Theresa Salazar, Gilbert Rael, Elsie Naranjo

Robert Shadoan, Barbara Marsh, Benjamin ___, Teresa Lopez (Tish), Raymond Baca, Eleanor Vigil, Epi Vigil, Cathy Valencia, Paul Romero

Margaret Martinez, Larry Archuleta, Vickey Starkey, Leroy (?), Peggy Martin, Walter Maez, Annette DeLay, Peter Lopez, Gloria Martinez

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