Third Grade
1961-62, Mrs. Brown's 3rd grade class, EspaƱola Elementary. Beta building, center room on the side with windows to the playground. (If there were three classrooms on that side, we might have been the one nearest the fountain/bathroom.)

There was a new set of monkey bars, and we saw older kids (4th, 5th, 6th graders) get hurt once or twice a week, right out the window.

I was eight years old in 3rd grade. Most kids turn nine during that year, but I had a summer birthday.

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Lawrence Montoya, Priscilla Bal, _______, Mr. Masters, Mrs. Brown, Eleanor Vigil, Gilbert Rael

Dale Short, JoAnna Vigil, Robert Seed, _________, Harrry Herrera, Mary Agnes Rodriquez

Eloy Manzanares, Debra Honstein, Leroy Lopez, Bernice Delgado, _________, Evelyn Walsh

Cathy Valencia, Armando Trujillo, Sandra Adams, Rudy Abeyta, Aileen Gallegos, Louis Martin, Angela Salazar

Barbara Valdez, Daniel Martinez, Teresa Lopez (Tish), Raymond Baca, Alice Law, Johnny DePaula, Rita Serrano

I definitely added these later; this wasn't my 3rd grade handwriting, but my spelling wasn't great and corrections are welcome.

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