Fifth Grade
1963-64, Mrs. Ora Shilling's 5th grade class, EspaƱola Elementary. Beta Building, far SE room.

I was 10 years old in 5th grade. Most kids turn 11 during that year, but I had a summer birthday.

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Sandra Adams, Joann Miller, MIchael Hoffman, Mrs. Shilling, Debbie Hayes, Evelyn Padilla, Rhonda Hayes

DeAnn LaCombe, Janice Lutrell, Patrick Martinez, Rosalie Bernal

Dennis Vialpando, Eleanor Vigil, Linda Askan, Cathy Valencia, Delvin Maestas, Catherine Lopez, Judy Lopez

Rosemary Sisneros, Martha Yordy, Maria Martinez, Armando Trujillo, Karen Wisdom, Ira Freeman, Barbara Marshe, Raymond Baca, Elsie Naranjo

Gloria Padilla, Dolores Quintana, Anthony Romero, Carmel Marquez, Gilbert Archuleta, Bernice Delgado, Gene Quintana

We were out at lunch playing, the bell rang and we lined up at the stairs on the east end of the Beta building, and they didn't let us back in right away. We saw teachers with tears in their eyes, and looking scared, and one of them ran to the office in the main building (not very far, but they were not acting normal).

When we got back into the classroom, Mrs. Shilling told us that President Kennedy had been shot. Before long, buses came to get us, and we only had a half day.

They were afraid of war, I think, is why they sent us home. We had already been having duck-and-cover drills since the year before.

Because the half day hadn't been approved by the state (or something, I was too little to understand it) we had a half-day of school on a Saturday to make up for it, if I'm remembering correctly. And as a former teacher, it's hard to believe, so maybe it was during what would've been Thanksgiving break? Christmas break?.

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