Sandra Dodd

There will be some new members coming in this week, because I posted this on Radical Unschooling Info.

If anyone here is on facebook and feels like being part of a discussion that’s not as good as this one… [I’m THE worst salesperson…]


Level up!
Anyone seriously interested in understanding unschooling better might want to join the Always Learning discussion. Dabblers and skeptics will do well enough here, but if you're sure you want to unschool well and for a long time…

Several have requested membership, following that post, but they need to get through an exchange of e-mails with our bouncer, Joyce Fetteroll, first. :-)

And for anyone who is in this Always Learning discussion and might feel a bit overwhelmed, the upper left corner of this page has links to some smooth and easy introductions to radical unschooling

Thanks for all of you who have been here a while, reading and maybe helping. :-)
Welcome to new people! Read before posting, please: