Sandra Dodd

I love Always Learning, even though it became a little clunky when facebook "improved" itself.
I also love the blog "Just Add Light and Stir," and it's four years old September 2 (when I wake up; I'm writing at bedtime).
There will be (tomorrow) a photo of the cake I will sacrifice tomorrow here:

Here is something written yesterday, following on things written just a few years ago, about the usefulness of Always Learning, and some clues about how to use it. :-)
(Marta Pires' first post is there.)

If "sacrifice cake" means nothing to you, you might want to read here, and watch Spartacus, and think about finding something worth making a cake about!! (or maybe not watch Spartacus... Harry Potter has a cake, the first book and movie.)

Thank you to those who also enjoy Always Learning, and who jump in to help when questions or issues are brought! There is always an evolution of what's the happenin' thing, and yahoogroups is not it right now, but compared to facebook (where I also have a discussion), this one is stable and solid. The other one is probably better if all you have is a phone, though.


I want to give my most fervent thanks for the work you (and Joyce, and Pam) do here Sandra.

Whe I ask a question here, I know I won't be coddled, or treated as though I'm fragile and easily hurt.  I know I will receive straightforward, direct  advice that has the best interests of my daughters at heart.  I think this is almost the only place I can ask questions and not be able to predict the response.  

I also know that the unconscious assumptions and biases I have will be exposed in the way I write and that these will also be pulled out and brought into the light for examination.  And the more that happens - to me and other people writing here - the more able I am to do that for myself.  And the better and more peaceful life gets for my family.