Sandra Dodd

Marta Pires has been my assistant for many months, helping me organize and remember things I want to do on my site, and to help me announce chats. She's been saving and editing recent unschooling chats.

In a project to gather them all up that she's gently reminding me to finish, I've just come to one from 1995, from the AOL forum. It's not ready to share yet, but is about "detox," recovering from school.

I wrote this:

"I don't care if people disagree with me. I wouldn't want anyone to agree with me blindly, nor disagree blindly."

That's still true. :-)

Right now there are chat transcripts saved raw (not to share before they're edited, some have been edited and available for a long time, but not all easy to find, some are listed in one place or another. Some people really enjoy chats better than "composed" pages. i personally like the favorite quotes kinds of pages. Some people prefer long essays.

Here's where some of the chats are linked, though, for people who are interested, and that first one has links to get to notifications of newer chats. I think there are about twice this many edited and might be available at some point.

and here's the construction site for getting them all organized in one place. Might never happen, but some will get there.