Sandra Dodd

Some people say "anyone can unschool," but that's a lie. A damned lie, and a cruel lie.

One of the things that guarantees failure is parental negativity and resistance. Some people don't really want to unschool. They seem more to want to be around unschoolers long enough to find a reason to declare that unschooling is wrong, stupid, or won't work. Sometimes they'll blame the discussion itself, or me (or someone else) personally, They'll say "we tried it, but it didn't work for us," when their "trying was a doomed week-long trap in which the children were "given freedom" while the parents squinted and said "I knew it wouldn't work."

And while it is true that some people honestly cannot afford to unschool, and school is a better option for their family, there are sometimes (not always) more options than the famiy sees.

In the Barbie thread someone wrote this. I've rejected the post and removed the name, because it's a new member who has already been asked to read more before posting, and to be more positive. Everyone who is new should be positive, and read LOTS and post little.

-=-May I just add, if I am allowed to, that financial limitations often mean parents are not in a position to say “yes”. We run our own business. Some weeks we are doing well to buy food. So, we have had to say no to many things for practical reasons. Sometimes its, yes, when we are able to... or yes, we would love to buy that, once we have bought food if we are able.-=-

If a family cannot afford food, perhaps public school would be a good option so the mom can work during the day and the children can eat that one cafeteria meal, at least. Parents have an obligation to feed their chidlren, and that is above and beyond educational options and considerations.

-=-we have had to say no to many things for practical reasons.-=-

As is being discussed about TVs, there are free and inexpensive options, very often,. It's possible someone would offer some free Barbies and clothing for them.

But any parent who thinks and phrases something as "have to" is limiting herself.

Before anyone posts that she "has to say no," it would be better to read everything already gathered up about how to find ways to say "yes" more, about abundance, and choices.

Any immediate questions, complaints or "yeah, but"s any reader has are probably covered (twice) at the links above.

It's okay not to be an unschooler. It's okay to think it's stupid. It's not okay to stay on Always Learning and express that.