Sandra Dodd

Here's something some of you might want to ask for, or to buy to give away, and it will be a gift to your children and family if you don't own these, and you can incorporate some of the ideas in them!


Three books together: The Big Book of Unschooling, Free to Learn and Moving a Puddle

US, cover price, free shipping.
Canada, $5 for shipping (which costs $12.95, actually).
Others/further, $10 for shipping (which will cost $16.95; I usually charge $15 per individual book for shipping)

BUT the post office has just this summer made a bigger flat-rate envelope that will hold more than one book. Woohoo!

Read more about the books and the deal here:

If you already have all those books and nobody to give them to, but you still want a great unschooling Christmas, consider a trip to Albuquerque! If your kids have received great Christmas gifts and the dad wants to hang out with them in some peace and quiet, maybe it would make a good visit-with-other-parents trip, for those whose kids are old enough for that sort of thing.

If Albuquerque seems crazy, is Minneapolis in May a bit less crazy?