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I'm starting another series of online live text chats, which will be Wednesdays, beginning July 20 (today/tomorrow, depending when you read this and where you are), at noon, being noon at MY house (mountain time). Check here for other times:

The topic this week is ways in which unschooling changes family life and relationships. Side effects.

I've revamped the search boxes on my site
and the error page one gets if a url is wrong, like

This coming Sunday, July 24, is Learn Nothing Day, so try to do all the learning you're going to do between now and then so you can take a day off.

This summer is 20 years after the summer Keith and I decided to keep Kirby home instead of sending him to kindergarten. We figured when he was a year older, he could go to kindergarten, or first grade, or stay home again. Twenty years later, he's about to turn 25 (on July 29), has just received another promotion at his job, and is coming home for a birthday celebration.

Just Add Light and Stir will be a year old on September 2, 2011.
If you're unaware of that blog, have fun looking in the archives, and please subscribe! It's free; there's a link in the upper right.

The Always Learning list will be ten years old on November 24, 2011

In December 2011, there will be a gathering in Albuquerque at which those attending could meet me and some or all of my kids (depends on Kirby's job now), Pam Sorooshian and some of hers, Joyce Fetteroll, Deb Lewis and Jill Parmer, for some serious and fun discussions in person, between Christmas and New Year's:
I would love for some people to use holiday wishes to get to this discussion. Maybe it could be what you ask for for Christmas (or other winter holiday of your habitual celebration). If you don't celebrate anything in the winter, maybe you could make an exception this time, and start planning now!

For those who know they can't possibly come to Albuquerque to hang out, donations toward the cost of the new search box, or the advertisement-free private chat room, or the site itself, or donations to help me make sure I can get all my speakers here would be gratefully accepted and used well. Some notes are here about that:

Thank for considering these opportunities and the December gathering!


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