Sandra Dodd

Although this could be considered regional, it is also directly related to this list.

Registration is open now for this summers Always Learning Live symposium. Pam Sorooshian, Jill Parmer and I will be the primary presenters this summer, but there will be panels and discussions with some or all of our kids, and others.

I know there are people here who never post, and some people don't like the quick text chats*, and some people truly prefer being in person at a more leisurely pace, where they can perceive things other than words, words, words. So a symposium where people can listen, and ask questions, or just observe interactions, can be valuable (even to those who tend to write, write, write).

Then in winter, Joyce Fetteroll and Deb Lewis will be in Albuquerque for Always Learning Live #2.
Next summer, Schuyler Waynforth and her husband, David, and their children, will be featured.

Even for those who can't attend at all, there's a coloring-contest opportunity (Holly says "call it art modification, not 'coloring contest'"), and that's lower down on that page. Anyone who wants to take a shot at messing with/improving/riffing on that logo could get attention (at least) or a prize. I will share any art that's sent to me, and do various cool things with some of them.

Many people find value in meeting some of the people they're "reading," and in seeing longtime unschooing families interacting in person.

My oldest, Kirby, will turn 25 during the conference and we'll have a party for him there.


(* There continue to be two weekly text chats, too. )