Sandra Dodd

Six weeks from now there will be something in Santa Fe that's never
happened before--a symposium on longterm unschooling. Attendees who
reserve a condo soon will have a one bedroom with a fireplace for $79
a night (plus tax), or a two bedroom for $99, or a three bedroom
(there's only one left) for $149 per night. Each condo has a dining
room and living room, a couch someone could sleep on, many of them
nice fold-outs.

We're furnishing firewood and kindling. I was out cutting mint stalks
this morning to tie into little bundles for kindling.

Because there are condos left and the time for the discount to expire
is fast approaching (end of November), if anyone wants to speculate on
a room now is the time. It's possible that a reserved room at
discount rate could be transferred to someone who hasn't yet decided,
or who gets a trip for Christmas or something. :-)

A cancellation might cost one night's rent, but that would be a
donation to the conference, in a way, if anyone wants to take such a
risk that they won't end up going and no one will pick up the room.

If you want to reserve a condo for relatives or friends to come and
hang out with you, that's fine now too.

I'm really excited about the fact that all of Joyce's family will be
there, and all of Pam's and all of mine. I don't figure that will
happen again, ever.

To reserve condos:
or if you reserve directly with Fort Marcy and they give you the
conference rate, let me know if you're wanting to transfer that to
someone else later.

The schedule is here:
(Pam, do you have a name for your session yet?)
I don't worry about what exactly Pam or Joyce will say. It will be

I'm speaking first about what we've learned in the past many years
about unschooling, and at the end will talk about what we've learned
in those past three days. There will be a session of the teens and
young adults, and there will be a dads only session. Six sessions,
three evening gatherings, lots of visiting time, and fireplaces.
Peace and big ideas.