How I Learn
Adam Daniel at the ALL Unschooling Symposium
Albuquerque, December 31, 2011

"One interest can lead to lots of other exciting things."

Some things I have learned from Pokémon

photo by Tim Mensch
If you lose at first, try again - it doesn't mean you will never win.

If you lose, shake the other person's hand.

It isn't possible to be unbeatable.

Friends will always be there for you.

Make sure you are always there for your friends and don’t abandon them.

If you are bad you will have a bad ending!

You need a combination of different types on your team.

The best moves take a lot of practice to learn.

Don’t mess with a Charizard!

Adventures are more fun with friends.

Being kind works better than being harsh (and not just with Pokémon).

Time spent playing is very important.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to people but if you have been friends you will always remember them and they will always remember you.

Julie and Adam made two graphs. To examine more closely, click, and then click again once it opens in a new window.

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