Stages of Unschooling

Stages of Unschooling by Kelly Lovejoy

Another article on stages of unschooling by Pam Laricchia on her website,


For beginners, deschooling and "disposable checklists"—some ideas for transitioning into unschooling

Getting It

Several people's accounts of the aha!" moment:
Trusting your Children
Parenting a Free Child
One of "those" moments
The Discovery Moment
Realizing *one has a choice*
Huge Changes in Perspective
Why Rush People to GET IT?
After the Live and Learn conference...

Definitions, Comparisons, Clues and Criticism

All Kinds of Homeschooling

Definitions of Unschooling

MORE definitions

Marginal maybe "unschooling"

The Difference between Schooling and Unschooling

Is there a difference between a Radical Unschooler and just an Unschooler?

Concerning How People Learn about Unschooling

Criticism of Unschooling