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Pam Sorooshian:

It would be very useful if parents stop using the term "screen time." It is insulting and adversarial. It completely dismisses what your child is actually doing as if it doesn't matter at all. Playing a game is the same as watching a video. Watching one video is the same as watching any other video. What the child is actually doing is all lumped together as "screen time" as if what the child is really doing doesn't matter. And you're explaining to your little child how all of these things he or she enjoys are bad for his brain. Your child is busy developing the script of his/her own life and you're carefully planting, "Things I love don't matter" and "Things I love are bad for me," into that script.

Instead of coming at this from such a deprecating position, come at it from a joyful position. Enjoy it. Glory in it. If your child loves something, love it with him/her. Find ways to expand on it. Find connections to it. Does your child love to play a particular game on the computer? Make cookies that you decorate based on the game, make up stories about the characters in the game, dress up like them, find books or cards, sing the songs from the game, make up physical games like pretend to be the characters in the game and play hide and seek - do all kinds of things that connect to the thing he/she enjoys. Don't disparage it. Don't call it "screen time." Call it what it is - playing that particular game. Change your approach. Instead of focusing on limiting it and explaining how it is bad, see it as a jumping-off point for all kinds of experiences and conversations! Unschooling is about supporting learning, not by limiting the child's access to what he/she loves, but by expanding a child's access to the world.

Pam Sorooshian
on facebook, December 7, 2013
Roxana Sorooshian's glorious rant on "screentime" in which she describes her electronic activities of one day, and the alternatives

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